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Good teaching has its own rewards. I am very proud of the consistently positive feedback I receive from students. 

Here are some typical comments from undergraduate students I have taught in the social sciences.

Mark was the best supervisor any student could ask for. Very accessible, extremely helpful, gave positive feedback.  If you had a problem you got an email with a helpful response within hours. Excellent supervisor ... couldn't have done this without his support.

Mark is always helpful and accessible, the help I received was a lot more than I expected from a tutor.

Mark was very helpful throughout the whole process and was very quick with answering any questions I had. He was also very organised with making dissertation meetings and this is definitely what I needed in the dissertation supervisor to motivate me to keep on top of my work. He also made meetings easy as we could Skype.

I have learnt more from Mark in the last four weeks then I have in my three years at university. As well as developing my dissertation with regards to content, he has pushed me to strengthen the structural side of my writing. I think that if this was done from first year, students would be in a much better situation.

Very helpful, motivating, and I have seen improvements across all of my work as a result of his dissertation supervision.

One of the most inspiring teachers I have had.

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