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‘In his candid and forthright style, Edwards pursues a provocative reassessment of the already deeply contested concept of citizenship through a novel reading of adaptionist ideas within sociological theory. He ends up offering a unique and challenging interpretation of human nature that raises questions for all those who are sensitive to the moral and ethical challenges facing societies in the twenty-first century’.

Mark Davis, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Leeds, UK

‘Edwards combines the cultural and sociological constructionist perspective, which dominates discussion about citizenship, with a Darwinian evolutionary perspective about human and social citizenship based on human nature. It is an impressive and provocative theoretical work, which helps considerably in anchoring the loose concept of citizenship to something more solid and permanent’.

J P Roos, Professor Emeritus of Social Policy, University of Helsinki, Finland

‘This exciting and original book will make the reader think differently about citizenship. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Edwards, this book asks serious questions about traditional social science approaches to citizenship - it is a stimulating and challenging read’. 

Nick Ellison, Professor of Social Policy, University of York, UK. © Mark Edwards 2014