I have a limited availability for One-to-One Mentoring

In a process of supervised independent learning in which the emphasis necessarily shifts from the former to the latter, the foundations of success are student engagement and motivation. Having someone on hand to achieve and maintain focus, and give the ‘heads up’ on institutional expectations, helps ensure that students really are capable of doing it for themselves. Students who demonstrate independent scholarship stand out from their peers and are those most likely to achieve First Class Honours. Mentoring helps to maximise potential and generate maximum return on the significant investment that a higher education represents.


Comprehensive and constructive feedback on formative and assessed work is essential for students to develop their thinking and writing skills. As student numbers increase, pressure on full time academic staff can result in limitations in terms of the frequency and quality of feedback. Regular monitoring and guidance from a private tutor, particularly in respect of formative work, can effect significant and often dramatic improvements. 


I have heard too many times now, students say, “I wish someone had told me that before now”, students who have gone on to make significant improvements in their work but who could have done so much more had they been mentored and monitored better from the outset. © Mark Edwards 2014