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New Crim/Psych Degree at Lancaster

Over the course of last year, together with colleagues in Psychology, I developed a new joint honours degree programme in criminology and psychology. The programme is very different from others offered elsewhere, and represents a truely interdisciplinary approach to studying human behaviours in the context of crime. There are some exciting methods introduced. For example, double taught lectures where academics from both disciplines lecture in the form of a problem-based conversation. Take a look.

Apparently it is recruiting well already. So, fingers crossed that it gets up and running October 2018.

Some catch up stuff

I am currently teaching criminological theory to Masters students at Lancaster university Law School. It is always very rewarding to teach post graduates but particularly so when it offers the opportunity to teach your own research and ideas.

My book out in paper back

At last my book “The Limits of Political Belonging” is out in paper back - and so is now more affordable!

Time to update

I have completely neglected this website for some time now. The blog never really got going at all. Hopefully I will have more time now to give it some TLC.

Beijing conference

The Asian Criminology Society holds their conference this year in Beijing. I am hoping to present a paper there but might ruffle a few feathers with my adaptionist ideas about social conformity.

Must get started

One thing setting up a website but quite another keeping up with its maintenance. A blog always seems like a great idea but similarly is difficult to keep up with. In my case I haven’t even got started - but I WILL, SOON honestly. © Mark Edwards 2014